About Me

Note: This is OLD (circa 2008) and is no longer current information!

I am a web and application developer (and maybe a bit of a designer) from Perth, Western Australia. When I am not working at my normal day job, I develop and design websites or applications for fun.

Work so far:

The sites I have developed so far which I am not too ashamed to promote are:

  • FWDitON.com – collects all the funny emails/videos (does surprisingly well traffic-wise) – [update, now CLOSED]
  • StyleIgnite.com – a CSS style repository (a good idea but I have never given it enough attention) – [update, now CLOSED]
  • CarstairsEstateAgency.com.au – a real estate agency listing (small local market) – [update, now CLOSED]
  • Statuso.com – website for an iPhone application I am involved with – [update, now SOLD]
  • IconPot.com – really simple site which has proved quite popular in the web development community – [update, now SOLD]
  • PostedApp.com – my iPhone application – [update, now SOLD]

Many of these sites are fairly complex in features and back-end processing. They all have a somewhat decent design (I think…) too.


Email: leeane [at] gmail [dot] com